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With nearly five decades of global presence in coding and marking, Open Date has the right solution for your needs. Our full range of quality printers have been developed through decades of experience, innovation and constant development to perform clear, precise and accurate results for your production requirements.

Thermal Ink Jet

A range of high quality Thermal Transfer Coders manufactured by Open Date provides the ideal solution to your printing needs. Quality engineering with proven reliability and durability at competitive prices.

A simple yet versatile on-line thermal transfer printer

High speed in-line continuous and intermittent motion thermal transfer overprinter

An ideal first step into using intermittent Thermal Transfer coding technology

Thermal Transfer

A Hot Foil Coder is a device for coding, marking and overprinting date codes and batch codes onto a wide range of materials.

Ideally suited to batch coding and price marking

Unrivalled print speed potential whilst maintaining quality and reliability

An evolution of the successful Printmaster range

Hot Foil

Large print area machines suitable for printing text, graphics and barcodes

Open Date inkjet machines offer a range of capabilities from 'entry level' models - for those just starting out with inkjet - through to advanced systems which are low cost alternatives to more sophisticated machines.

Even this entry level model has integrated features, which can hardly be found in any other device in its price segment.

The CodeCube XL comprises a large 7 inch touch display. Through the intuitive symbol based user interface creation and editing of print texts is an easy task to do.


The CodeCreator includes state-of-the-art features with our "green" system that has low emission values.

Thermal Inkjet Coders

Thermal inkjet printers are designed to print on most porous and non-porous surfaces and is a great alternative to CIJ printing and there is virtually no maintenance needed.

Elfin-1S delivers ease-of-use and intuitive operation in a small footprint. It’s a perfect & cost effective solution.

The Elfin 4S will print on just about anything. You can run the Elfin 4S with one, two, three, or four printheads and you can use any of the heads on any side of the case you prefer.

Open Date Discreet Markers are debossing machines designed for stamping batch or date codes into a wide variety of materials/Substrates. These include labels, carton board and some films. Debossers use sharp faced (chisel edged) steel or brass type characters.

No ink or ribbon is used, Debossers are extremely economical to operate.

Debossing Coders

Some applications demand an Offline solution.

Example; manually fed print stations or small batch runs. 

In these situations Open Date offers an offline coding solution for any application.

Semi-automatic hand fed overprinting station

Automatic feeding system suitable for a wide range of substrates. Compatible with Thermal Transfer, Hot Stamp, InkJet and Debossing coders.

Carton Printers

For printing over a large area or where multiple prints are required across a web Open Date produces both Hot Foil and Thermal Transfer multi lane printing systems.

Multiple lane printing flexibility utilising our Thermal Transfer technology

Multiple lane printing flexibility utilising our Hot Foil printing technology


Open Date supplies and manufactures a wide variety of tools and accessories for all hot foil coding applications and for most printers including Norwood, Allen, Metronic and others.

Extensive range of engraved type characters and holders held in stock and also made to order 

Rotating wheels engraved with numbers, letters, words or combinations

Printing dies and cliches can be manufactured to customer's specifications

Frame & Mountings

Open Date has acquired a reputation for which it is proud for the design and manufacture printer mounting frames that are compatible with both the performance requirements of the parent machine and the customer's production requirements.

Basic mounting frames for each printer model 

A range of components and sub-assemblies to build a custom solution

Bespoke mounting frames designed and manufactured to suit most machines

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