For printing over a large area or where multiple prints are required across a web Open Date produces both Hot Foil and Thermal Transfer multi lane printing systems. They are ideal for thermoform packers, stick packers, or where cost or space constraints previously made it impractical to fit multiple self-contained printers.

For multiple prints both across and along the web, additional hardware can be added to reposition the printers or the web material, according to requirements.

thermal transfer multi-lane

Where the flexibility of Thermal Transfer printing is required across multiple lanes a standard Thermocode Thermal Transfer printer is rapidly and accurately moved to each programmed print position where it prints and is then moved again to the next position.


  • Bespoke design to suit exact requirements

  • Flexibility of Thermal Transfer printing

  • Programmable print positioning

  • Choice of eleven different printers

  • Proven reliability

hot foil multi-lane

Featuring multiple high quality Hot Foil printheads and with an independent foil feeding system, using one shared roll of printing foil, the ML series is a self-contained multiple lane overprinting system. It provides an on-line contact overprinting solution where a single substrate has to be coded a number of times simultaneously across its width and where previously it has been necessary to fit complete hot foil printers for each lane.


  • 305m (1000ft) foil capacity

  • Print area 50mm x 25mm per head

  • Proven reliability

  • Adjustable foil indexing

  • Full safety specification

  • Stepper motor drive

  • Temperature regulation

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