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With nearly five decades of global presence in coding and marking, Open Date has the right solution for your needs. Our full range of quality printers have been developed through decades of experience, innovation and constant development to perform clear, precise and accurate results for your production requirements.

Open Date has a reputation for quality with a host of food and beverage manufacturing operations. Our printers operate in the most challenging environments trusted by the best food and beverage producers in the world.

With frequent legislative changes within the tightly regulated pharmaceutical industries, Open Date printers offer highly accurate and flexible coding solutions to meet the demand.

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As a Global company, we meet legislative requirements in every served market. Our flexibility when supplying blue-chip cosmetic brands or daily care products, means we can match our solutions to your goals and brand ethos.

Every day we see new challenges in diverse industries that require our coding and marking solutions. We do not constrain ourselves to just Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics, if you need a solution, you need to see our printers.

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