Through An intuitive symbol based UI, creation and editing of print is an easy task

The CodeCube XL offers you the highest quality and most reliable standard coding at a minimum price without no compromises in regards to operational safety and user friendliness.

As the first system of its kind, the user interface works with informative symbols and menus are clearly structured without complicated menu trees. With print text up to 32 pixel in height as well as the quality printmodes further highspeed printmodes can be installed. By using a usb-stick, text and configurations can be transfered easily. The network connection which is integrated as standard, allows easy integration into the company intranet.

WIth safety being paramount, our basic model comprises high quality parts,  especially within the sensitive ink system.


  • Coloured 7 inch touch display

  • Remote screen in Intranet

  • Simple data transfer by USB-Stick

  • Easy handling compact design

  • Refillable 1 litre reservoirs

main features


  • Standard interfaces (USB, Ethernet)

  • Windows CE operating system

  • Up to 32 Pixel text / graphic free combinable

  • Highspeed modes possible


  • Symbol based easy operation

  • Integrated production statistics

  • Script functionality for complex applications



 (W x D x H) 


 (W x D x H) 





 Print height 



320 x 350 x 325mm

(12.59" x 13.777" x 12.79")

40 x 40 x 186mm

1.57" x 1.57" x 7.32"

Humidity 10-90% non cond.

80-240V, 50/60Hz

Ethernet, USB

5 Dot - 32 Dot Graphic

5 - 12mm (0.19" - 0.47")

300 Mb

Printgo, Incremental encoder, 3 Signal light outputs, 2 Inputs, 2 Outputs (all 24V)

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