Open Date supplies and manufactures a wide variety of tools and accessories for all hot foil coding applications and for most printers including Norwood, Allen, Metronic and others.


An extensive selection of engraved Type characters and fitters (word blocks) are held in stock. Special items can be manufactured to individual requirements.

Open Date offers a wide variety of the highest quality hardened steel and brass type suitable for all its hot foil printers and other printers such as Norwood, Allen and Metronic.

There are numerous font styles and sizes available. More popular fonts include Univers Light Condensed (ULC), Gill Bold Condensed (GBC), OCR-A, OCR-B and Helvetica. (Type shown on right is 3mm Gill Sans Bold Condensed.)


Standard type holders for Open Date printers are available from stock. They can also be manufactured for all other makes of printers and for special applications.

Holders come in various shapes and forms and can be designed to your specific requirement or come as standard.

Mostly manufactured from solid brass, custom channelling is available to order and can be manufactured to suit any type style.


Wheel systems facilitate rapid code changes by rotating wheels engraved with numbers, letters, words or combinations.


Rotary databoxes are an alternative to using loose type characters. Wheels engraved on up to 12 faces can be unlocked and rotated to make up the required date, price, batch number or combination of any of these. Rotary databoxes are manufactured to exact customer specifications.

As well as rotary databoxes Open Date also supply consecutive numbering units for printing numbers counting either up or down.


Printing dies and cliches can be manufactured to customer's artwork in brass, hardened steel and other materials.


High quality printing dies can be produced in a variety of materials to specific artwork or in some cases to sketches. They are ideally suited to printing areas of fixed text, barcodes or graphics but can be customised with slots in for Type characters, in order to print a combination of fixed and variable text.

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