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Service/Support/Parts or Technical Information Contact:



Flexible service contracts

Open Date understands every printer install is different and every machine is not subject to the same environmental conditions and ware. Once the first service is performed and the machine is evaluated for ware based on its individual application, a preventative maintenance plan is suggested by our technicians. Each service contract is planned and tailor-made to the customer's own requirements, taking into account factors such as type of work done by the printer, the amount of use, in-house resources available for maintenance and so on.

Online help

Fault finding and software assistance are also available via phone or on-line.

Emergency support

For rapid attention in the (unusual) event of major breakdowns and stoppages, Open Date provides an emergency support service and is usually able to have an engineer on site within 24 hours.

For Service/Support/Parts or Technical Information Contact


Phone: (603)-763-3444

Tollfree: (877)673-6328(opendate)

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