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Open Date - Thermal Inkjet Coders

What is Thermal Inkjet Coding?

Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) technology was initially developed for desktop printing. The benefits are - it is clean, reliable and relatively low maintenance. Originally used for porous surfaces, the technique is now commonly used for industrial applications and, thanks to fast drying inks, can now be applied to non-porous surfaces. In addition thermal inkjet printing is designed to be inexpensive, quiet and easy to use.

How Does Thermal Inkjet Coding Work?

Thermal Inkjet coding relies on the production of an ink bubble from stream produced by electrically heated tiny chambers in the ink cartridge. This bubble then forces the ink droplet out and results in a precise amount of ink being generated, according to the data transmitted to the printer. The force created to expel the ink also causes a further 'charge' of ink to be drawn from the reservoir into the chamber at very high speed. The droplets are used to produce text, barcodes, batch codes and images.

Typical Applications

Thermal Inkjet printing can be used on a variety of substrates, including paper, coated and uncoated carton board, plastics and metal. The cleanliness, speed and economy of this technology means it can be used in almost any application where coding is required.

Thermal Inkjet Coders

Open Date thermal inkjet machines offer a range of capabilities from the AutoPilot 'entry level' models - for those just starting out with inkjet - through to CleanCode which are low cost alternatives to more sophisticated machines, yet offering comparable performance.


AutoPilot thermal inkjet coder

Economically priced thermal inkjet coder with touch screen controller.Read More


CleanCode inkjet thermal printer

A low cost, low maintenance alternative to CIJ, DOD and large character printers.Read More